Invitation to @hempmate

The Vision
Cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp is in our genes. Hardly any other metabolic system supports the reception of positive hemp ingredients via specially designed receptors so reliably. This is why hemp can also help extremely efficiently and promote metabolism. That’s what the world needs to know again! Again, because it was known to humanity for centuries that hemp is life-changing, especially soothing and soothing. Due to unnecessary prohibitions in the past, this valuable knowledge has been lost.

The vision is to bring mankind back on the path of natural and self-evident hemp consumption – across all national borders, languages, political and religious views. Cannabidiol (CBD) or legal cannabis belongs in every household in the world. We will succeed!

In production, we rely on many years of experience, biologically perfect cultivation and excellent locations. We want to know our products at all times and there a completely transparent and known production chain is important. We know every process in the production and can carry out checks in the processes at any time. This applies not only to subordinate laboratory values, but also to verification, e.g. during the cultivation or pressing of our oils. We do not leave anything to chance. Clean production starts with the origin of the seeds and stops with random sampling of the final product. Thus, we guarantee absolute premium products.

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