Net Cards are needed in your business

Net Cards are needed in your business In the age of all things digital, businesses are rapidly deploying security and tracking measures that will ensure the integrity of all data. Be it banking data, or customer behavior data, security of information is of the utmost importance. Institutions have started to realize that one of the […]

MCV-Cap Prepares The Roll-Out Of The Blockchain Banking Business With The Support Of The Tycoon 69 Network


This is currently being worked on with the highest priority – the future management board and supervisory board have been fixed with top bank experts – several potential institutions have been identified for the acquisition of a bank with which closer and more concrete discussions are being conducted for a takeover.

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✴ I am Looking for a Serious Real Marketer to share from my daily earnings.

✴ I am Looking for a Serious Real Marketer to share from my daily earnings.


Do you realize that most business owner are greedy for the next better deal? They come and check your website !They come and steal content from your social media ! They come and check you out to see what you are doing? Now, lets turn things around for your favour! Here my approach, I use […]

Telegram meets Amazon

Here will we present to you the various options we use to channel our Amazon Deals. We have agreements in place allowing us to take advantage of the many thousands of members getting our daily over 300 special deal through our and their Telegram usage.  SOCIAL MEDIA ONLINE Chollos Gram 🥇Facebook:


Welcome to SOCIAL MEDIA ONLINE Beta Channel We will update you hear with some information that we feel is becoming of interest within UBieeLife’s activities and contributions.