Do you realize that most business owner are greedy for the next better deal?

They come and check your website !
They come and steal content from your social media !
They come and check you out to see what you are doing?

Now, lets turn things around for your favour!

Here my approach, I use #affiliate marketing, #dropshipping marketing to mention just a few.

Why Viral Greed Marketing you may ask.? 

Actually very simple. I make sure that they copy my deals and efforts, but make sure that when they do so that the buyers are still all traceable to my promotional efforts, regardless on who has pitched my work and gotten hold e.g. of the Special Discount Coupon that I share from time to time for VIP deal I am getting from the manufacturer or product/service providers.

If you are interest to learn more about it, and want me to share some more of my effective marketing that make me 5 digits income every week, let me know and get in touch with me here or send me a message to my Telegram Alias: @UBIEEHQ.

have a great day.