Our Vision and Mission

We need to create good companies that will figure out how to clean our environment in ways that provide creative and economical solutions to not only clean up these wastes and put them back into equilibrium with the world we all must continue to live in and desire to enjoy, but to do this so that we can continue such practices as an on-going, productive enterprise.

Good People Doing Business Versus Overbearing Government Regulation and Control

We really do not want our governments to manage these things any more than they need to do so, because governments do not care about being efficient. They are about making sure the end-result is achieved, by laws and sanctions; but they are not as concerned about the human costs necessary to get there. Governments will just take away peoples’ rights in order to achieve some environmental end. This is not good for society and someone always gets hurt.

We, as good people, must find ways to achieve these same ends so that everyone benefits – the people who want to enjoy the conveniences of new products and services, and the society that needs to make sure we leave our world clean and productive for future posterity and generations yet unborn to enjoy as well.

A Wide Variety of Projects – All Focused on Making Our World Better

So what you will see on the pages of our website are projects that we do around the world.

You will learn how we are taking the lead in finding ways to clean things up and still making a living at the same time. We are working smarter, not just harder, to keep our communities clean and ecologically balanced.

Most people want new products and services. They are enticed by sleek marketing and the latest gadgets. They do not care to think about the physical laws that require that there are waste products naturally created by such conveniences. They are ignorant that good companies are out there making sure that we continue to have clean water, breathable air, and garbage-free properties.

Our Alternative – Which Way Do We Want Things to Be?

We just want to be able to turn the faucet and have drinkable water. We want to simply breathe air that does not smell bad, or worse yet that will not contain toxic chemicals that will reduce our longevity. We prefer to walk our streets without the stench of garbage or seeing trash strewn everywhere, creating eyesores and disgusting scenery when what ought to be are pristine and beautiful landscapes and communities.

We tend to forget that there are other creatures on this wonderful planet besides us. We must be mindful of the balance of Nature. Each animal and plant that exists here is important to conserve. We need to work to sustain our environment while still enjoying the rights of private property and freedoms that we hold dear and precious.

It is our responsibility to balance and maintain the ecosystems of the world. These wild creatures and their environments that preserve them deserve to exist as much as human beings in our communities do. 

We need to make sure that we keep equilibrium between peoples’ needs and our duty to have healthy and productive gardens of the world, clean oceans and streams, and places where wild animals can continue to live as they were created to live.

The enviro.international Difference Is YOUR Participation

Where enviro.international is different is that we are doing productive things that achieve good ends for our planet and solve problems caused by the normal processes that produce waste and pollution.

We provide the opportunity for you to participate in our projects by being a contributor to them.



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