Veterans for Life Hydroponic “Green Homes”

Vets for Life


This program provides self-sustaining housing co-ops for veterans and others with injuries, with high-tech hydroponic components attached to providing employment and self-sustaining income for these residents.

This fully funded effort is underwritten with government loans and guarantees completely operated by a non-profit entity. These projects are set for implementation shortly in Mississippi and then Florida in the United States.

Vets for Life mission fundings

Vets for Life houses


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    Our hydroponics program Our hydroponics program will provide farmers in remote island communities with the opportunity to grow large leaf lettuce as one of several crops in local farming enterprises.

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    Using hydroponics technologies Using hydroponics technologies, local island farmers will be able to grow delicious, nutritious lettuce and other fruits and vegetables to sustain healthy lifestyles and make prosperous businesses throughout the Caribbean.

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    Our technology Our technology will allow for farmers to grow beautiful head lettuce and other vegetables in green houses that will provide islanders with productive businesses.

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