Small Island Hydroponic Projects

We have an innovative, vertical hydroponic production system that grows fruits, vegetables, and cash crops to aid islands and small communities. This ability to develop self-sustaining industries and needed food sources at low cost is an ever-growing need because of limited land and economic factors.

All the while, water sources are reducing, and other precious resources are being unnecessarily overused.

Take a look at some very positive examples of what hydroponics may look like soon in many Caribbean Islands through our efforts:

--A Hydroponic pipeline system for growing purple lettuce


-- Rows and rows of green and purple lettuce can be picked and sold to local island markets


-- Another species of hydroponic green leaf lettuce that is in high demand by local island residents


-- Examples of other hydroponic products like peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes

 Hydroponic Peppers newly planted cucumbers 600x450 Green Tomatoes on Hydroponic Tomato Plants Hydroponic Cucumbers 2 Cucumber Seedlings in Rockwool 





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