High Power Electrical Systems With Single-Line Wiring Solutions

We are introducing high power electrical systems for new regional and smaller community developments. Our projects involve the creation of the power generation infrastructure using the most state-of-the-art power systems available today from wind, solar, carbon, nuclear, clean and other high energy sources. The transport of our electrical grids to the end-users includes the ability to use patented Single-Line Wiring to reduce the costs of high-power electrical lines while increasing the aesthetic appearance of the wiring towers.

SingleLineWiringExplainedWhy the Single Line Electric SLE Is BetterSingle Line Wiring

  • Single Line Electric example

    Single Line Electric Small Innovation with Big Environmenal Benfits

  • Why SL is better

    Why SLE is better? Why SLE is better than the SWER and Multi-Wire systems

  • Single Line Wiring example

    Single Line Wiring Here the difference to make the Environmental Aspect become even more obvious.






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