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So look around at our various environmental projects under the “Projects” tab on our webpage. Then decide which ones you like


Make a donation to for whatever one(s) you find worthwhile to sponsor. You can pick-and-choose any project you like.


Select a project you like. Make a donation to it. It can be any Dollar or Euro amount: One or One-hundred. Maybe more; we don't care. It is up to you.


As soon as we are able to see things happen economically, we will be creating ways to give back to you. It may take a little time, but our intention is to return back to those who have helped us. The give-back will be in various ways that may surprise you. So please be ready to be surprised!


Check back often to see what new and innovative new ideas we are developing. Our goal is to involve you. We all need to work together to make our world a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally responsible place in which to live, work, and play.

Here are a list of the projects that is doing at this time:

Desalination Plants on Small Caribbean Islands – Population centers on small islands need more and more fresh water. Our solutions make that possible.

Environmental Wastewater Treatment – EWT Systems provide engineering, manufacture and installation technologies for advanced, environmentally improved wastewater treatment. Small Caribbean Islands need better waste water treatment facilities to manage and recycle clean water for their limited geographic areas.

High Power Electrical Systems With Single-Line Wiring Solutions - The creation of power generation infrastructure using high power electrical systems for new regional or smaller community developments is critical today. We have a solution which uses Single-Line Wiring to transport the electricity, saving money and providing increased environmental aesthetics.

Macaw Rescue Bird Sanctuary  – Many people in the United States purchase exotic birds without thinking about the long-term needs of these creatures. Many live as long as seventy years and more. We have plans in place to give them a permanent home in the tropics where they belong. This project is moving along nicely.

Mineral Extraction Projects – New technologies for mining gold and other prime metals are now available that allow us to mine and extract up to 95 percent of these precious metals without the use of toxic chemicals that harm our environment and pollute our water systems. The point is that we help companies who are going to continue to mine for rare minerals to do so in a way that does not produce toxicity that causes irreparable harm. It is good for commerce, and good for the environment too.

Reclaiming Exploration Land to Pristine Condition – By working with our development staff of planners, engineers, innovators, project managers, and mediators, we provide the ecological solutions necessary to mitigate environmental and political barriers with respect to impacted oil wells. This solution is critical assistance to local farmers, ranchers, home owners, and communities who are being exploited by big oil to see that their concerns are addressed as these companies work to reclaim the lands affected by well drilling.

Rain-on-Request (ROR) – An innovative technology that permits the creation of rain in arid lands using a proprietary ionization process. We are working to help Caribbean Islands and Latin American countries to assure they have enough rainfall to grow crops and improve their agriculture when rainfall is limited by ecological limitations.

Small Island Hydroponic Projects – We have an innovative, vertical hydroponic production system that grows fruits, vegetables, and cash crops to aid islands and small communities. Small community entrepreneurs can grow good food for their isolated locales where it is difficult to get fresh fruits and vegetables due to limited land or other resources.

Veterans for Life Hydroponic “Green Homes - SOLAR CITY” – This program provides self-sustaining housing co-ops for veterans and others with military injuries, with high-tech hydroponic components attached to providing employment and self-sustaining income for these residents. We help them to regain their self-worth and dignity through profitable work, or assistance in doing so when their physical disabilities require such help. We are also providing self-sufficient energy for homes, offices, and communities through solar power in a way that is very exciting as a long-term solution to our need for clean energies.

Waste-to-Energy through Pyrolysis – We are developing two rubber recycling plants on Puerto Rico in the United States. This project is just the first of many that are anticipated to be developed in the next few years throughout the Caribbean Basin, Central America, the United States, and possibly Europe and beyond.


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