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The Vizionary Mission and the UBIEE TEAM


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The Vizionary Mission is to bring digital currency to the mainstream. We provide an education program that will change the way that digital currency is viewed and adopted.

More and more people are becoming familiar with digital currencies, yet today it is still considered as a fringe activity.

Use the Power of Crypto Currency *

In the end, the digital currencies that will be successful in everyday use are the ones that will be easy for the end user. For this reason, we are working with Capricoin to bring you a currency that is not only simple to acquire, but also easily exchanged for goods and services in everyday situations.

Capricoin is a second-generation crypto currency designed to handle commercial volume business transactions, instantly. It seamlessly attaches your wallet to your smart phone, and enables you to make purchases from on-line and off-line merchants as easily as taking a picture with your phone.

Vizionary combines the benefits of Capricoin as a method of business exchange. This, combined with our unique cash-back marketing system, will encourage Capricoin users and merchants to fully embrace the Vizionary Mission.

By becoming a Vizionary member, you have the option to build your income by gathering Capricoin merchants, gathering Capricoin wallet users, building a network of Vizionary members, or simply by mining your own coins. Vizionary is a true paradigm shift.

Join us now and help develop the future of commerce. Vizionary--Shaping the Future.

The Power of our UBIEE Team

By working with us, you can maximize your involvement with Vizionary and Capricoin through allowing us to manage your mining slots, or working with us to bring others into our unique mining pools to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.

Our UBIEE team will allow us to work together in this exciting new business in ways that are uniquely designed to maximize our opportunity together.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are ready to join us in this exciting new venture, click below on one of our registration options:

1) Click here to register with the latest updated information. 

2) With this selection you are getting an entry into our Pre-Registration to become a UBIEE Customer [Vizionary Non-Member]. With this option, you are able to have the chance to be included in our UBIEE Opportunity Mailing List to learn the latest about where Vizionary is going and all about mining Capricoins. Information is Power.

This will cost you 1,21€ (around $1.50 to $1.60 USD). You allow us to present to you what Vizionary/Capricoin mining is all about by being added to our Opportunity Mailing List to learn more on a regular basis.


Visionary/UBIEE_Customer_Pre-Registration - Capricoin Banner


With this selection below, you are getting a free entry as an actual Vizionary Mining Slot Pre-Registration Member who has the chance to secure your Mining Slots from Vizionary for Capricoins.

This is at no cost for you. However, signing up below still allows UBIEE to present to you what this crypto currency system, Vizionary/Capricoin is all about.

We facilitate your transaction for Vizionary with our Shopping Cart. giving you the ability to pay with your Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal account.

Please bear in mind that we are a company and have to pay the required taxes, so the price is slightly higher. However, this is a much simpler process than going directly through Vizionary during this early stage of the Mining Opportunity.

Soon that will be improved. But in the meantime, if you do not mind paying a little bit more to get the best assistance towards your personal growth with your eWallet for Capricoin, this is a great option for you.

Some folks have had problems registering with the new Vizionary system. UBIEE makes it seamless. In this way, you are working with the very best!


 vizionary125x125 Vizionary Mining Slot Pre-Registration 

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