Recycling from old tires - for a Better Environment and saving resources. This is the Puerto Rico Project.

Old Tires
are not waste!

We can separate out all of the components. We make them into useful products, over-and-over again. The result is a better Environment and a Conservancy Club in which you can participate.

Raw Material

When we process the waste tires using pyrolysis, we create useful products like carbon char for many uses, and activated carbon for filters, turning environmental waste into very much-needed materials that benefit our health and safety everywhere.

Gold Processing

Our Mineral Extractor Technology efficiently mines the gold, diamonds, or other precious metals. Then we restore the mined area to its recovered, pristine condition.

Rain-On-Request Technology

Rain-On-Request Technology provides drought-stricken regions of the world with regular rainfall to provide needed water for consumption and growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants with minimal environmental impact.

Single Line Electric

With Single-Line Wiring solutions, we reduce the ugliness of high-power electrical lines as well as reduce the costs of moving electricity by two-thirds. - UB - ET Online

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