Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


Q: Do you have a Page to register to become a Contributor?

A: YES, you can click here to gain access.


Q: What is a Contribution?

A: A contribution is any size Donation that you make to the non-profit organization, ASSOCIATION FIDA FUTURO. “FIDA” is a Non-Profit Association located in Spain that is orientated toward Self-Employment. We are assisting projects that support people in learning entrepreneurship through the Internet in order to become self-sufficient and productive. This is a component of true environmentalism because "self-preservation is the first law of Nature", which is foundational to be able to afford to assist in maintaining our communities and our planet. As a Contributor, you are also able to take advantage of many tremendous self-directed business benefits that come from all that our Non-Profit Association registered in Spain can offer you, as well as your own individual activities through your own Internet business, if you already have one.


Q: Can I earn money/income being involved with the ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL?

A: YES, you can. In fact, you immediately earn 10 EUROS (currently more than $10 USD) just for signing up as a Contributor/Donor with ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL. How great is that!


Q: How can I earn money/income being involved with the ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL? 

A: You can contribute/donate to the Enviro International Projects. We then help you earn a yearly scholarship allowance as you can see under the "Make Contribution" Section of this website. You can also work within some of the projects we offer on our enviro.international website. Please review all of our Projects to learn which ones you may be able to work in directly as a participant. Many more will be coming in the near future. So return often to learn more and see what ways you can join us in environmental stewardship long-term.


Q: What form of Payments you are accepting to make a Contribution?

A: FIDA FUTURO is the operating agent for all of our environmental Projects. Being a Non-Profit Association, you are able to make Contributions/Donations through either PayPal, or by using your Credit/Debit Cards directly. PayPal will automatically convert the Contributions/Donations to your local currency.


Q: Do you offer any incentives for people to join and register with ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL and our environmental projects system?

A: YES, Absolutely! We will pay you 10 EUR (approx 11US$) just for registering as a Promoter without the need to contribute/donate yourself. You already make money just by joining our self-employment community! How great is that!