Creme d'Energetic

Energy Creme

Creme d'Energetic - Massagecreme

According to Chinese energy doctrine all health problems are the result of disturbances of the energy flow along the meridians. If these disturbances eliminated, recovery begins automatically. It is to be impossible to get ill when the body is balanced energetically.

TCM considers the people as a link between the earth on which he lives, and the sky, which he strives towards. Accordingly, a basic distinction between two forms of energy from it, so a two-phase nature of the energy body.

The first phase comes from the earth, it is referred to as Yin energy. Among them is the power to understand we we take in by forms of food we use.

The second phase is the so-called cosmic energy, the Yang energy. This term is meant without a life would not be possible primarily influences of sunlight. According to their origin these two phases are attributed properties. Properties that can be applied not only on the human body. They are useful as medical terms, and for days and seasons, politics, religion and philosophy, short for all areas of life.

Therapy with Creme d'Energetic AP massage cream is very versatile. With their help, acupuncture points, specific segments and areas of skin are affected by the use of electric-energy oscillating, conductive substances and plants. The cream is not a medication, but harmonizing existing energy flow disturbances and congestion.

The cream causes a change in the electrical behavior of the meridian points. Working with the cream causes the balance of disharmony in harmony on an energetic and informative level.

By carefully assembling the ingredients like herbal oil, etc. the cream develops a harmonious energy, a Qi.

Applications of Creme d'Energetic AP Massage Cream.

In acupuncture, massage Acupunct or partner massage the treating therapist or partner accepts the corresponding antipode. The cream takes the role of the corresponding opposite pole in self application as an electrically-conductive energetically cream. (Two-phase)

  • At the beginning of the daily application apply with the Creme d'Energetic, to the wrists and all existing body scars, to the entire face, the ears, the entire chest area, the genital area, the feet to the ankles & hands.