The International Marketing Team

  • UBIEE CORPORATION from Zaragoza - Spain
  • SOFAN from Florida - United States
  • WÄSSA MARKETING from Bruchsal - Germany


UBIEE is involved in business within the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, and other Latin American countries at the present time. We have plans to expand to additional projects in the future throughout the Caribbean and the Central and South American regions, and perhaps Europe as well.

Current focus is on Sublimation and Single Line Electric Transmission technologies. These technologies complement our "green" emphasis in the waste management and energy sectors. We also are involved in proof-of-concept development work with Rain-on-Request, Hydroponics, and Desalination in the Caribbean Islands. Our goal is to provide meaningful and practical solutions on a scalable and affordable basis that provide answers to the burgeoning environmental crisis around the world, especially in small and developing communities.

"Our focus has been to develop useful, practical, and economical methods for the processing of waste at its most basic elemental level; in other words, we are processing as close to where the waste is generated as possible."

OUR MANAGING MEMBERS in UBIEE, SOFAN & WÄSSA are a team of extremely talented and dedicated people who have the skills and competence to create, manage, and implement all aspects of our projects. We are very competent to bring them to successful economic and developmental completion.

OUR OPERATIONS are dedicated to undertaking forward-minded projects worldwide. We package these projects and invest in them, with a majority in the Environmental sector. What they have in common is that they bring novel and advanced technology to bear on unresolved problems facing our planet with profitability to maintain them long-term.

OUR METHODOLOGY IS: We believe in a cleaner earth and a better environment for ourselves and our offspring.

OUR QUALITY: We have years of experience; we have USA-made equipment with permits and licenses, which are operating as we speak: We implement PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES.

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