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Help conserve our natural resources for our children’s children, as good stewards of our lands, streams, oceans, and regions of the World, or simply “help Mother Earth” . . .


You have a vital part to play in this exciting subscription-based Environmental Conservancy Club.


So Join Us Today!

Please read carefully through the Information below to gain a better understanding of how this contribution opportunity works:


With your enviro.international subscription, you are able NOT ONLY to support good projects you can believe in, but your Donations may provide Long-Term benefits to you!


[IMPORTANT: Though donations on our International website are currently in Euros and the text is in Spanish, your credit card donation will be converted to the currency you regularly transact in for your place of residency.

For example, if there are 1.25 Euros to a US Dollar, then a 10.00 Euro donation would actually be a $12.50 US Dollar donation.

We are also working to get our donation page to reflect every donor's particular language. Please cooperate with us as we work to add more currencies and languages to this functionality as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding, and for contributing in the meanwhile to our wonderful projects.]

We are sure this issue will not distract from good people getting involved and eagerly donating to this Conservancy Club right away.

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As caring people, it is our responsibility to balance and maintain the ecosystems of the world. The creatures on our Planet Earth and the environments that preserve them deserve to exist and remain vibrant, as much as the individual human beings in our communities do.

We need to make sure that we keep equilibrium between peoples’ needs and our duty to have healthy and productive gardens of the world, clean oceans and streams, and places where wild animals can continue to live as they were created and intended to live.

It is important to understand that ultimately our planet serves us rather than we serve it. However, as people, we are uniquely responsible to take care of the inanimate and animate worlds we enjoy. Consequently, it then is our duty to take care of "Mother Earth" to make sure that she remains pristine, clean, and recyclable for those who come after we are long gone. THIS is our stewardship, our responsibility, our obligation to our beautiful planet Earth, and the Universe in which we are called to be involved.

The enviro.international Difference Is YOUR Participation

Where enviro.international is different is that we are doing productive things that achieve good ends for our planet and solve problems caused by the normal processes that produce waste and pollution.

We provide the opportunity for you to participate in our projects by being a contributor to them.

As you learn about the various ventures that we are doing throughout the world, we invite you to become a partner with us.

The enviro.international Difference Is Also OUR Participation too!

As you participate as a sponsor in our programs, we may (and most likely will) share back with you (as we are able to do so) gifts, promotional items, grants, seminars, events, and eventually even visiting our locales so that you can use your relationship with us to promote your own environmental interests with others. In this way, we all learn together as good people who care about our environment. We work together to learn better how we can make our world community a better place in which to live.

We invite you to donate today! We invite you to donate often!



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