Recycling from old tires - for a Better Environment and saving resources. This is the Puerto Rico Project.

Old Tires
are not waste!

We can separate out all of the components. We make them into useful products, over-and-over again. The result is a better Environment and a Conservancy Club in which you can participate.

Raw Material

When we process the waste tires using pyrolysis, we create useful products like carbon char for many uses, and activated carbon for filters, turning environmental waste into very much-needed materials that benefit our health and safety everywhere.

Gold Processing

Our Mineral Extractor Technology efficiently mines the gold, diamonds, or other precious metals. Then we restore the mined area to its recovered, pristine condition.

Rain-On-Request Technology

Rain-On-Request Technology provides drought-stricken regions of the world with regular rainfall to provide needed water for consumption and growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants with minimal environmental impact.

Single Line Electric

With Single-Line Wiring solutions, we reduce the ugliness of high-power electrical lines as well as reduce the costs of moving electricity by two-thirds. - UB - ET Online

UBIEE ENERGETIC THERAPIES, Creme d'Energetic, ETP - EnergeticTouchPoint


Taking Care of Our Planet Together

The Culture of our Day

In today’s world, people talk about the latest gadgets—Having the newest iPad or smart phone. Driving the nicest car with the most options. We live in a world of conveniences.

But what about the physical, environmental, ecological costs of such conveniences?

What about the fact that when we purchase that automobile, or a new pair of sneakers, or we buy a hamburger, milkshake, and fries, or we play that new video game, the company that manufactured that “item of convenience” threw hydrocarbons and other clouds of contamination into the sky that are polluting our atmosphere, added toxic chemicals to our water supply, created trash and garbage – all waste products – that need to be gathered up and dealt with in an environmentally responsible way?

We want all of these conveniences, these benefits of life. We are even willing to “pay” for them through a means of exchange, that is, through the payment of dollars, Euros, or Yuans.

But what about the other associated “costs” that need to be “paid” in taking care of our environments, so that we don’t destroy the very lands upon which we want to make these goods and services, or on which we wish to play with our toys and enjoy the fruits of our labor?


This is what is all about.

In the pages of this website, we will show you ways that we are working around the world to create responsible stewardship of our planet – the “good ship Earth”.

Through our various companies and the projects they are managing, we are finding ways to “balance the costs” of creating those conveniences that we take for granted every day and the unavoidable pollutants, waste materials, non natural products and by-products of such conveniences that we used to just throw away in the past along the side of the road, pour into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, or heave into the air.

However, that kind of irresponsibility does not work any longer. Pollution of our environment is not only ugly, it is deadly!

We cannot continue to sit back and wait for someone else to take responsibility to clean things up. We must do it ourselves.

And every one of our projects is at least able to cover the costs of providing the associated end products. In some cases, the solution is able to support other projects too.

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